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Paper Shredding Tips and Shredding Advice

Why do I need to Confidentially Dispose?

Many offices consider disposal of confidential documents but don’t invest into a Shredder and don’t dispose of the data; therefore confidential documents can sometimes get left on a table, in the canteen, or often go missing.

Following the passing of BS15713: The Secure Destruction of Confidential Material in 2009 and the 1998 Data Protection Act, our information is more important to us than ever. Especially when there can be fines of up to £500,000 for breaches of the Data Protection Act.

Even small things such as a utility bill or something with your name and address on it can be the start of a chain reaction to Fraudsters and Identity theft individuals.

Why use a shredding service?

paper shredding company such as Shred Pro can visit you at your convenience and securely destroy your private data, thus ensuring you have peace of mind, knowing your company’s information has been destroyed and recycled professionally and efficiently.

Our shredders destroy information 40x faster than office shredders and 3x faster than some of our competitors machines. This means what would take a normal shredder almost 7 hours to complete, would only take 10 minutes for Shred Pro’s on-site service to complete. Thus saving time and money as well as assuring your data is disposed of by a registered and audited secure disposal company. The efficiency and speed of our service ensures your data is disposed of suitably and means you can continue your day with complete peace of mind.

Preparing your data for destruction

Make sure confidential waste is secured prior to our arrival, in secure consoles provided or shredding bags tied with security ties. Our secure shredding vehicles use industrial shredders and can shred materials which normal shredders simply cannot. Therefore, there is no need to remove Staples, Paper clips, or any bindings. We can even shred lever arch files directly although please let us know in advance as this may take a little while longer.

Shredding Services Safety

An increased rigor in safety rules determines that many companies should invest into paper shredding services from a professional company. They are the safest ways to dispose of official documents or any other sensitive document type that has served its purpose. Once such documents are shredded, the potential risk factor of someone putting them back together decreases to almost zero.


  • Your data is vulnerable to misuse the moment it is no longer carefully monitored. Unwanted sensitive information should be stored in a lockable container until it can be properly disposed of.
  • Information deleted from electrical devices still leaves residual data which can be recovered easily and misused; make sure all unwanted or outdated hardware is disposed of in the appropriate manner.
  • Try where possible to prevent the build-up of left over confidential information, some records are required by law to be kept safe for a number of years. However many sensitive documents can and should be disposed of regularly to prevent misuse of information.
  • Always check the association who handles your confidential data, some companies outsource the destruction to 3rd party companies you may not be aware of, this is why ShredPro specialises in on-site destruction so we can guaranteed your data is handled and destroyed safely, securely and efficiently by our regulated and independently verified service.

Identity theft prevention

Shredding Paper is your best protection against one of the most dangerous plagues of modern society – identity theft. This type of crime has grown so vastly in the past 3 years with computer and Internet technology growing at a phenomenal rate.

Professional shredding companies can help dispose of sensitive documents that are no longer needed therefore eliminating the risk of information ending up in the wrong hands. The sheer scale of identity theft has been recently analysed in a study backed by a lengthy report, the general results were quite worrying. The report states that lately, one out of four UK homes or companies may get targeted by identity theft. This is a major problem; it was shown home owners, together with business managers, need to start putting more thought into efficiently protecting themselves against this plague of dishonesty as it is costing the economy millions. Business and employee personal information is often thrown away in the garbage, from where it is easily removed by someone who wishes to use that information illegally.


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