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How Can I Be Guaranteed That My Confidential Information Has Been Completely Destroyed By Shredpro?

Jan 8, 2024Data Security

No matter what line of business you are in, your organisation will have a lot of confidential documents to keep track of. There will be contracts, financial records, employee files, customer data and more.

All this private information needs to be properly disposed of to protect your business and your customers.

An information breach can result in substantial penalties and irreparable damage, so how can you make sure that your confidential information really has been destroyed if you choose ShredPro’s services?

How We Ensure Paper Destruction

Industrial shredding equipment

ShredPro’s industrial shredding equipment obliterates your documents by slicing every sheet of paper so that all material is rendered illegible and impossible to reassemble.

Each tiny piece of paper ends up being mixed with thousands of others, creating a puzzle no one would ever attempt to solve.

An office shredder can do a good job, but industrial shredding is even more thorough.

On-site shredding service

At ShredPro, we offer a mobile on-site shredding service that can securely destroy all your confidential waste at your premises right in front of your eyes.

We can bring our industrial shredding vehicles to your location so that your documents never leave your premises, reducing the risk of your data being lost or stolen in transportation.

You can watch your confidential data being destroyed forty times quicker than an office shredder and three times faster than some of our competitors.

The shredded paper is then removed, baled and recycled at local paper mills.

Certificate of Destruction

When you use ShredPro services to shred your sensitive documents, you will receive a certificate of destruction.

This document confirms that your documents have been shredded to European standards EN15713 and a level that prevents unauthorised access.

Our certificate of destruction can be issued on-site, so you are not waiting for confirmation that your confidential documents have been disposed of and you are therefore no longer liable for them.

Other ways we keep your documents secure

Most of our customers also want reassurance that we will keep their confidential information secure in the process leading up to its destruction.

ShredPro helps keep your documents secure at all stages of the storage and shredding process by doing the following:

Providing secure waste containers

We have a range of lockable waste containers and security bags available for customers to keep confidential waste safe in the workplace. All consoles, containers and security sacks are delivered and supplied free of charge.

Providing secure transportation and waste processing facilities

Customers who opt for off-site shredding can rest assured that we lock our containers and lorries to keep information safe in transit. Our shredding depot is equipped with 24-hour CCTV, and your waste is processed as soon as it arrives to further minimise risk of exposure.

Employing vetted shredding operatives

ShredPro waste handlers all undergo DBS checks and thorough training to ensure the secure processing of sensitive documentation.

Why the destruction of confidential information is important

Compliance with data privacy regulations

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires businesses to destroy sensitive data in a secure manner.

The Information Commissioner’s Office, which oversees the enforcement of GDPR, says: “You must ensure that you have appropriate security measures in place to protect the personal data you hold.”

The ICO adds: “Deleting records that you no longer need, or are not proportionate to retain any longer, is an essential part of a good records management system.”

You need to be able to prove your information has been destroyed in a compliant, safe manner. Issued electronically on-site, our certificate of destruction confirms that your confidential documents have been destroyed in line with industry regulations so that you are no longer liable.

To protect your business from liability

If your sensitive data is ever compromised, and it can be shown that you did not take reasonable steps to destroy it, you could be held liable for any damages that result.

To reduce the risk of identity fraud

Experian report that identity fraud in the UK increased by 21% in 2022. With criminals out to steal information from documents like receipts, invoices and bank statements, the certified destruction of all discarded documents will help to ensure the security of your company and clients’ data.

Contact us

If you’re looking for a paper shredding company that can provide you with a professional on-site service, contact us today. We offer a variety of paper shredding services to fit your needs, and we’re committed to protecting your data.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our paper shredding services. We are confident that you will be happy with our services.

“ShredPro have provided a reliable and professional shredding service, supplying neat containers that complement the existing office furniture. Monthly collections are carried out by friendly professional staff who collect and destroy all documents on site erasing any concerns we had regarding security. ShredPro provide a very proficient service and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.”

Becki Morrow
BBC ALBA Broadcasting Corporation

About ShredPro

ShredPro recycles 100% of the paper we shred, all in compliance with the environmental management system ISO 14001. This ensures that our own environmental impact and therefore those of our customer is controlled. All our paper is recycled at local UK mills, again reducing the impact on the environment and investing in the local economy.

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